• TASK 71
    Life Cycle and Cost Assessment for Heating and Cooling Technologies

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Task 71
Life Cycle and Cost Assessment for Heating and Cooling Technologies

The main Task objective is to prepare for upcoming regulations and initiatives on a political level and to improve further and visualize the environmental sustainability of the products. The solar heating and cooling industry should be well aware of the overall lifecycle-energy and environmental performance of their products, thereby considering production and use as well as end-of-life treatment. Environmental hot spots have to be assessed to ensure clean product development. A validated scientific basis of data and models is essential for a sustainable process or material development and to optimize the coupling of different heating/cooling technologies and systems like heat pumps, electrical heating/cooling by PV, condensing fossil combustion, etc. A joint action of industry and research to promote international collaboration for the sustainability of renewable heating technologies is needed. Heating technologies will be considered first, and if cooling experts can still be recruited, cooling technologies will also be included.


Task Information

January 2023 — December 2025
Dr. Karl-Anders Weiss

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