The deliverables allocated to the five Subtasks will be:

Subtask A: Cooperation with ongoing or upcoming SHCT Tasks and related Tasks from other IEA TCPs

D.A 1 Summary of existing regulations

Subtask B: Methodology adoption

D.B 1 First version of guidelines for LCA and LCoH calculation of SHC for components and systems
D.B 2 Updated version for a proposal of guidelines for LCA and LCoH calculation of SHC for components and systems

Subtask C: Data of different technologies and components

D.C 1 Database established
D.C 2 Summary of available and accessible data sets for component and system inventories

Subtask D: Reference systems and their requirements, scenarios, and optimization

D.D 1.1Reference systems (heat supply) defined
D.D 1.2Reference systems (heat demand) defined
D.D 2 Reference systems calculated according to first version of guidelines

Subtask E: Dissemination, networking, and policy involvement

D.E 1 Info Sheets on input and output information for LCA and LCoH assessment
D.E 2 Guidelines on Reporting of LCA and LCoH data