The activities will be performed through the following five Subtasks:

Subtask A: Cooperation with ongoing or upcoming SHC Tasks and related Tasks from other IEA TCPs

A 1: Cooperation with ongoing or upcoming IEA TCPs and Tasks
A 2: Regulation Framework

Subtask B: Methodology adoption

B 1: Functional units and framework parameters
B 2: Ecological assessment
B 3: Economic assessment
B 4: Hybrid integral assessment

Subtask C: Data of different technologies and components

C 1: Data requirement
C 2: Data sources and collection

Subtask D: Reference systems and their requirements, scenarios, and optimization

D 1: Reference data: Demand side
D 2: Reference data: Heating systems (Supply side)

Subtask E: Dissemination, networking, and policy involvement

E 1: Stakeholder involvement
E 2: Reporting